Final Database Update available for download

May 30 2012

As of now, the new database update for FIFA MANAGER 12 is available for manual download on The patch updates the FIFA MANAGER 12 database and includes all transfers and loans from over 46 leagues.

More than 20,000 changes

Since the release of the last database update in late February much has happened in football leagues around the globe. The database update puts your FIFA MANAGER 12 up-to-date and includes all transfers and loans that have been finalized as of May 16th.

Balancing and player levels

We also take player levels and talent stars very serious during our work on the database update. Let alone over 3,000 player levels were adjusted in order to represent the players as authentically as possible. In addition, our database team changed over a thousand talent stars. However, these figures only represent the most prominent and obvious changes. All in all, over 20,000 alterations were performed, skills edited and attributes re-set. These changes do not necessarily result in a change of a player’s level. If we for example increase a forward’s passing skill, his overall level might not be influenced. 

New players, transfers & loans

From Cologne to London
Lukas Podolski
From Milan to Eindhoven
Mark van Bommel

The new update contains a total of 40,736 players, 323 more than before in FIFA MANAGER 12. Further focusing on transfers and loans, we added 3,064 new player transfers (587 more than in the last update) and 993 loans (131 more). Of course, it is the big transfers of the summer we wanted to include, like for example Arsenal’s Podolski signing or Mark van Bommels move from Milan to his home club Eindhoven. 

Before and after

We compiled an extensive comparison of the English, French, Italian and Spanish leagues so you can see the differences between the teams and the change from our last update. The tables show the teams’ average best eleven:

Premier League
Premier League
Primera Division
Primera Division
Serie A
Serie A
Ligue 1
Ligue 1

Your opinion counts!

We are working together with you throughout the year and collecting feedback in our forum, with the help of our database game and also through comments on Facebook. We appreciate all this valuable input without which we could not put together a database of the quality we offer. Especially now, after the update’s release we hope to gather even more feedback from you about the changes that were performed. The feedback thread in our forum is the place for your suggestions and feedback on the update – we are looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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