FIFA MANAGER 13 database update available

Mar 21 2013

As of now, the new database update for FIFA MANAGER 13 is available as an automatic download in the Origin clkent. The patch updates the FIFA MANAGER 13 database and includes all transfers and loans from over 46 leagues.

Over 20,000 changes

Since the release of the last database update in late November much has happened in football leagues around the globe. The database update puts your FIFA MANAGER 13 up-to-date and includes all transfers and loans that have been finalized as of March 5th.

Balancing and player levels

The update contains nearly 5,000 transfers, which have been made until March, 3rd 2013. More than 4,700 player levels have been changed and more than 1,000 alterations in player talents have been realized. The biggest winners on the international market are Falcão (new level of 85), Gareth Bale (now 84), Mata (83), Arturo Vidal (82) and Robert Lewandowski (81). Since we don’t only go big, but also take away, where need be, we also have players who lost some points. Iker Casillas (down to 87), Wayne Roones (86), David Villa (82), Wesley Sneijder (81) and Frank Lampard (79) are only the most prominent examples. 

New players, transfers & loans

The update also has lots to offer for player picture aficionados. The winter transfer update contains 1,371 new player pictures. Here are all the numbers of the current update:

New players: 1,538 (total 41,347)
Change in player level: 4,748
Change in talent: 1,057
Will be transferred: 3,078
Will be loaned: 1,199
Comes to a club: 648
New player pictures: 1.371

Your opinion counts!

We are working together with you throughout the year and collecting feedback in our forum, with the help of our database game and also through comments on Facebook. We appreciate all this valuable input without which we could not put together a database of the quality we offer. Especially now, after the update’s release we hope to gather even more feedback from you about the changes that were performed. The feedback thread in our forum is the place for your suggestions and feedback on the update – we are looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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