All new features and improvements in FIFA MANAGER 12

Oct 19 2011

This news will give you a comprehensive and detailed list of the majority of the new features, improvements and changes in FIFA MANAGER 12. In addition to our five feature videos, the product page and the several dozen screenshots, this collection will give you a great overview of what to expect.

This is a list of all the new features in FIFA MANAGER 12 compared to last year’s edition. Only very small improvements are not listed.


Your Feature!

This is the list of features suggested by the community which won user polls on and were subsequently added to the game:

  • Display the training progress on the Player Info screen

  • Option to take your shortlist with you to your new club

  • Option to apply for hosting European Cup finals in your stadium

  • Underpaid players now complain (this includes a new option to increase a player’s salary via the context menu)

  • Additional line-up information panel: Experience (When will the players reach their next experience level?)

  • Option to build a completely new stadium

  • Last 24 hours of the transfer market reworked (see chapter “Transfer Market”)

  • Instant Calculation screen reworked (single and multiplayer, flexible speed added)

  • Pre-match Speeches (more than 40 different speeches, up to 9 available before the match, speeches cost speech points, manager level determines the maximum number of available speech points); evaluation of the speech after the match, display whether the speech worked well or not. This feature is optional and can be switched off.

  • More flexible international prestige (important for smaller countries)

  • Transfer multipliers linked to 5-years-assessment

  • Lactate test: In pre-season it is now possible to do a lactate test with the team. This leads to a reevaluation of the players’ fitness values. Character traits of the players play an important role.

  • Trial Day: 100 part time footballers come to your club for a trial day. You can then select the exercises and their duration. At the end some players will “survive” and you get a report by your assistants. The precision of their reports depends on the duration of the exercises and on your assistants’ skills. This is an especially interesting option for clubs in lower leagues.

  • Manager Tasks: The manager gets frequent challenges to solve to win points for the next manager level. The tasks start simple (sometimes you just have to use a certain feature of the game) and become more and more tricky. The current task is always displayed on the in-game mobile. 40 challenges are available right at the start, after every solved task a new one becomes available. This feature is optional and you can skip any task you do not like.

Game Start

  • 121 new manager heads and family pictures

  • New option to start with the latest Live Season database

  • Difficulty level more transparent and with bigger consequences

  • Certain information (like the quality of offers) is removed in higher difficulty levels

Live Season

  • This is the only Premium feature this year (costs 4,99 Pounds for the entire 2011/2012 season), included for free if you pre-order (!) FIFA MANAGER 12 on

  • Extended by Live Database: Every Live Season update now also includes a full database update (see below)

  • Live Database allows to update schedules etc. also for Live Season

  • 11 leagues are supported (Austria ,England, France, 3x Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland)

  • Normal free FIFA MANAGER database updates will of course continue as in previous years

User Interface

  • New context menu for the players

  • Several additional screens can be switched off during the Weekly Progress

  • Items for the background: Conditions for availability are explained by tooltips


3D Match

Player AI fully reworke

  • Individual player behaviour based on their skills and attributes fully reworked, every skill point has an effect

  • More realistic team play, defenders work much better together

  • More realistic tactical decisions of the AI managers, also the individual orders and substitutions were reworked (which leads to a higher difficulty level in all match modes)

Player Skills

  • Individual skills of every player visible (every skill point has an effect on the distribution between bad, average, good and very good actions)

  • Form of the Day: It is no longer possible to play the game just “by the numbers“, because now a player can play better or worse, depending on his form on a particular day (which is hidden). This means you must watch the 3D match closely to spot over- or underperforming players.


User Interface 3D Match

  • Full control and a perfect overview on all options with the all-new radial menu system

  • For the team: Tactical focus (attacking, neutral, defensive), tactical orders for attack, midfield and defence, manager shouts

  • For the players: Player information with stats and relevant skill values for their positions, substitutions, running routes and man marking, all individual and tactical orders

3D Match Presentation

  • Display of various stats during and after the match directly with dynamic pitch projection


  • More realistic finance calculation of all clubs

  • New calculations of the budget, including the new reserve budget, which helps the Board to keep a financial safety net => the manager must gain financial trust long-term by successful management

  • Improved budget negotiations

  • Stricter minimum targets of the board for the season objectives

  • New calculation of TV money

  • Market pool in the Champions Cup is taken into account

  • Option to set the shirt sponsor income in the editor

  • Limitation of the transfer budgets in the first season selectable

  • Sponsor pyramid

  • Sponsor campaigns to find new sponsors

  • New calculation of the sponsor happiness with options to react (e.g. by issuing free tickets)

  • Fan assets

  • Club memberships (their number depends on signings, success etc.)

  • Membership campaigns to increase the amount of members

Transfer Market

GUI / User Features

  • Squad Analysis: This feature replaces the current option to show weak positions on the Contracts screen. It must be commissioned, which takes about a week in the game, and then offers a detailed analysis on weak positions in the team, running out contracts, important and less important players, and hot prospects (for two different formations). The feature includes a direct link from the weak positions to the Transfer List and the Scouting section

  • More transfer news on the website

  • Option to make an additional offer, if a scouted player is in negotiations to extend his contract

  • Reworked contract expectations of the players (more variety and more significant consequences)

  • Detailed feedback on why a player rejects an offer

  • Saved player searches can be directly used as filters

  • Agent now also reports on release clauses

  • Number of transfers selectable for the first season (no transfers, 20% of the normal transfers, no transfer restrictions) => pre-selected are 20% because the transfers from real-life are already part of the database, therefore the clubs have not much money left over

  • Clubs try to sell players when their contracts are running out and the players do not want to extend it

  • Player presentation: It is now possible to present new signings either on the website, with a press conference or in the stadium. Depending on the level of the player and the size of the club there are different expectations and effects.

Game Logic

  • AI teams are looking explicitly for players to improve their weak positions (they use the new Squad Analysis feature), the focus is on their preferred formation

  • Improved logic for contract extensions, based on the new squad analysis

  • AI teams try to get rid of expensive players if they are in financial trouble or the contract of the player is running out and an extension is not possible

  • Improved logic for the movement of players between the 1st team and the Reserves

  • Improved AI for giving contracts to own youth players

  • New selection logic which clubs a player wants to move to

  • Hot prospects are signed earlier, clubs plan long-term for the future

  • Clubs more often reject transfers, if there is no reasonable replacement available in the team or on the transfer market

  • Previous silverware has a bigger influence on the players‘ club evaluation

Last 24 Hours

  • Option to continue unfinished negotiations on the final day to a reach a last-minute agreement. Additional offers to buy/sell players.

  • Real live negotiations on the final day. The AI and the manager can increase or decrease their offers and demands every 15 minutes. All negotiations take place simultaneously and the clock ticks. This is not for the faint hearted.

Club Facilities

  • 25 buildings with a total of 289 visually different extension levels

  • Option to build 3 stadiums with a capacity of up to 120,000 seats

  • Stadiums directly integrated into the club facilities

  • Different landscape depending on the geographical position and the size of the city

  • Buildings age and must be renovated

  • Buildings now have maintenance costs

  • Feature requires constant decision making of the manager, buildings have short construction times and can be extended several times per season

  • There are more than 500 extensions and each has a direct effect on the game (e.g. more players on the scouting list, reduced number of injuries, more training options)

  • Managers must develop specific strategies for their clubs (e.g. focus on youth, revenue generation)

  • AI clubs can use various strategies for their extensions, it is possible to set these in the editor

  • Various animations for specific buildings (smoke, lights, vehicles etc.)

AI Improvements

  • Game logic for contract extensions improved (the players‘ demands are now more realistic)

  • Realistic player promises for match times by the AI

  • AI now cares for problems within the teams

Youth Team

  • Youth players now look for realistic clubs and also move to lower leagues

  • Automatic line-up completion possible (you don’t lose your matches anymore without being informed)

  • Status display (moves to the next youth team, contracts, in negotiations)

  • Mentors are displayed

  • Extra tab for every youth team

  • Long-term training objectives for youth players possible

  • Faster extensions of youth camps in other countries

Club Info

  • Vastly improved transfer overview:
  • Signed and sold players are now sorted by level

  • Returning players from a loan are now marked with an “(R)”

  • Record transfer selection reworked

  • Total number of signings added

  • Total number of leaving players added

  • Transfer balance added

  • Tooltip with all interested clubs added
  • New option to display only the transfers of the first team

Graphical Improvements

  • Loading screens with lots of different player and team pictures

  • New maps (training camps, youth camps, match announcement, etc.)

  • City maps on the Training Camp screen and on the Match Announcement screen (focus on the stadium)

  • Alternative wallpapers in club colours (replace the desktop background)

  • Alternative plain black and white wallpapers

  • Reworked presentation of the badges

  • Club specific pictures on the website (3-4 for many clubs)

  • Club specific tickets on the Weekly Progress screen for many clubs

  • 121 new manager and family portrait pictures

  • More than 1,500 shirt variations on the line-up screen

  • New generic shirts for the 3D mode and the line-up screen

  • League themes for the German Oberliga

  • 3 stadiums return in 3D Mode:
  • Estadio Da Luz (Lisbon)

  • Jose Alvalade (Lisbon)

  • Velodrome (Marseille)


  • JPGs are now supported for various types of additional content

  • Pictures on the website can be added for specific clubs

  • Artwork for the tickets can be added for specific clubs

Player Development

  • There are basically no players with a level of 99 anymore, only a few reach a level above 90, this is still the case 50 years into the game

  • No significant increase of highly talented players any more, if the player has a talent level of 10 there is a very good chance he will become world-class

  • Individual player skills of 99 are now very rare

Player Generation

  • Improved talent distribution

  • No small central defenders or goalkeepers in the top leagues

  • Skills fit better to the player type, e.g. a dribbler won’t be taller than 1,85 metres and for others you need a certain acceleration/speed or high work-rate

  • Linked skills get roughly the same values, e.g. for Technique and Ball Control the maximum difference is 10%, the same for Acceleration and Speed


  • Autograph session (now a calendar event)

  • Charity gala (media popularity increases and it is possible to increase the club prestige)

  • New friendly match option (2 lists with weak and strong opponents) and the option to invite other teams for a friendly (in some cases a fee must be paid)

  • Training camps completely reworked (in total 91 are available, including city picture and map)

  • Additionally the new lactate test and the trial day are available (see “My Feature!”)


  • Training can be planned in detail with up to four sessions per day

  • Nearly 40 different training sessions are available

  • Training weeks can be created with an editor and saved

  • Special fitness coach available in pre-season

  • Player development a lot more realistic (and slower)

  • Potential values for players depending on their talent

  • Injury proneness can be set for every player in the database

  • New training options become available with the extension of the club facilities

  • Players on trial can now be tested in friendly matches (a special status icon is displayed)

Weekly Progress

  • Various selections for the Weekly Progress screen are available (2 areas can be selected from a list)

  • New Stats sections like “Next Opponent Info“ or “Club Facilities“ etc.

  • Additional full overview for “buildings under construction“

  • Club specific tickets as new visual element

  • Website offers a huge amount of new messages (more than 1,000)

  • Loads of new pictures (club specific pictures on the website)


  • New screen for status changes of the manager

  • Annual meeting, every four years with an election of the president, including fan questions, a report of the finance team etc. (only if you manage a team in Germany, Austria or Switzerland)

Text Mode

  • Improved manager AI for tactical selections, individual orders and substitutions; higher difficulty level, this works for every match mode (also e.g. Instant Calculation)

  • More space for text on the screen in higher screen resolutions

  • Buttons for tactical selections a lot bigger, new buttons to directly reach the Tactics and Individual Orders screens

  • Several hundred lines of new text and variations, results of the actions moved to the end of the text

  • Player attributes are now more often integrated into the text

  • Improved effect of player attributes on the players’ actions

  • Selections are now saved for future matches

  • Specific text for individual clubs and players is now possible

  • Text can now be excluded for specific players and clubs

Instant Calculation

  • Completely new screen for the single player game with a lot of additional information

  • Option to change the display speed as in Live Ticker mode

Player Talks

  • Four new player talks, and two reworked talks

  • It is now also possible to select talks that do not fit, which will cause a morale loss of the player, you must now have a very close look before you make a choice.

Personal Life

  • Defaulted to Off in English and French

  • New share market; the manager can buy club shares, the development of the share price depends on the clubs’ success and the financial results.

  • Users can add more companies to the share market (it easily possible to modify the files, a full description will be available in the workbench document).

  • ”Gold” as a new asset class

  • Mountaineering and marathon as new manager hobbies

  • Partners with interest in football now have an effect on their children’s football interest

  • 62 new objects to buy (19 luxury items, 11 houses, 32 other objects)

EA Mails

  • More than 600 new variations plus lots of completely new mails


  • Reworked display for the number of goals and assists in the match report (balls with the number of goals/assists)

  • Result is more clearly visible

  • Table with chances to score replaces the scorer table

  • Matchday stats now include the number of nominations for the Team of the Day

  • Best Players now includes a comprehensive goal scorer list and an overview on the players with the best average ratings

  • Fairplay => Fairplay table + Cards + Bans + Injuries


  • New Stats screen on the club memberships

  • Overview what the retiring players are planning after their careers (this is now also listed in the Player Info)

  • New Stats screen with the host of the European Cup finals

Match Announcements

  • Additional city descriptions


  • Questions now try to provoke wrong answers by the player, it is no longer possible to simply read the questions and to select the best text

  • Effects of all answers reworked

  • Probabilities of all questions reworked

  • Various new questions


  • New shirts on the Line-up screen (adjusted to the 3D shirts)

  • Pitch Control (various combinations of the displayed information possible, e.g. name, level)

Player Info

  • New icons for the character traits

  • Additional “Injury Prone“ icon

  • New Experience icon (also displays the level)

Main Menu

  • Widget adjustments to new features (e.g. club facilities)

  • Mobile with club news and Manager Tasks

  • Goalscorer widget now also displays the goals of the last matchday


  • New warnings for various game areas (e.g. missing mentors)


  • Payments for free TV broadcastings of cup matches


  • Mail for National team matches: It is possible to switch these mails off without moving to the Options screen.

  • Set Position Level for Player Manager: It Is now also possible to increase the positional level by up to 5 points. Every increase by one point costs 2 bonus points.

  • The Stats screen “Players – Loans/Future Transfers” was reworked.

  • The Transfer Market is now sorted by Market Value as pre-selection.

  • The number of Found a Club players in the team was increased by 2 at game start.

  • A transfer multiplier for the home country of a player was introduced, it is more likely that a player moves back.

  • Always Sign Youth Players: There is a new option to automatically sign all youth players the assistant has spotted.

  • It is now possible to open website links with a left-click.

  • After a transfer players with a shirt number higher than 40 now get a new number that fits to their position.

  • Special Merchandise: The pre-selected offer of the user was improved.

  • We have increased the maximum number of youth players per team (now 25 instead of 20).

  • For scouting missions we now display the country, not the league.

  • Status is added as new column to the transfer market.

  • We show the Number of Goals / Assist directly on the post-match screen (these are no longer displayed as a tooltip).

  • The remaining time of the simulation is now displayed (we pre-calculate how long the simulation will possibly run).

  • We save the team status after switching teams (e.g. if a player is moved to the first team for a few weeks).

  • A scroll bar was added for the selection of desktop items.

  • There is a new option to export the Player List to Excel.

  • There is simplified option for an offer for players with fixed transfer fee.

  • We now display the club in the national team squad.

  • A more comfortable option to define the players a scout should watch was added.

  • Smaller countries can now sign better players and staff in case they are successful on an international level.

  • An option to copy scouting missions to other scouts was added.

  • Various links to mails were added, e.g. if the manager contract runs out there is now a direct link in the mail to start negotiations.

  • There is now an improved Foot Display: Foot (L/R) Rl (3/5) -> Foot R (5) l (3). Lower cases always refer to the weaker foot.

  • No players in the Reserves are listed in the Yearly Magazine anymore.

  • Sponsor Type Tooltip: Tooltip for ad boards added (company, number of ad boards, payment, duration).

  • Loan Deals of Reserve Team Players: Returning players automatically join the Reserves again.

  • Contract Extensions: Players no longer demand signings for their own main position.

  • The talent level was added to the EA Mails (below the player picture).

  • Stars of Tomorrow: In the two highest scouting difficulty levels the screen “The Stars of Tomorrow” are no longer displayed.

  • Player Talks screen update: Morale, status and shirt number are additionally displayed.

  • The Big Spenders: Players who return from a loan deal are no longer counted as a new signing.

  • League Positions are now displayed on the loading screens, the tickets on the Weekly Progress screen and in text mode.

  • Shortlist button for youth players added to the Youth Player Info screen

  • We have removed the countries from the Offer Player screen if no club is interested.

  • An option to limit the shortlist to “Realistic Transfers” was added.

  • The notepad can now be controlled via arrow keys.

  • There is a new limit for cash in the editor (up to 300m debts).

  • FIFA World Player Reworked: Only 3 instead of 5 players are displayed, the screen and the text were changed.

  • End of Simulation: You now automatically return to the main menu.

  • Line-up: Custom Formations are displayed first.

  • Line-up: Duration for a ban is displayed via tooltip.

  • Cycle Players in National Team Performances: It is now possible to switch between the players with new arrows.

  • Colour for high fitness and energy: >95 are now displayed in dark green.

  • Player Development: The player level is now the first entry in the dropdown menu.

  • Level and Age were added to the Promises screen (these are now automatically displayed).


Player Generation and Selections

  • Improved player generation: Generic face data, general appearance, height, weight, nationality, contract duration, shirt number, player type; all directly selectable on the screen.
  • Shirt number in the Player Info selectable for both teams
  • Option to set all relevant contract parameters from the game already in the editor
  • Option to define a staff position for a player after his career
  • More than one loan per season possible, this is important for the winter update
  • Injury proneness added
  • New injuries available

Achilles Tendon Irritation
Ligament Injury
Pulled Muscle
Tendon Injury
Tendon Inflammation
Tendon Irritation
Damaged Tendon
Ruptured Tendon
Abdominal Influenza
Fatigue Fracture
Lacerated Wound
Capsular Rupture (Toe)
Capsular Bruise (Toe)
Bruised Knee
Bone Strain
Patella Tendon Problems
Bruised Back
Abdominal Muscle Rupture
Abdominal Muscle Strain
Shinbone and Fibula Rupture
Broken Shoulder
Damaged Syndesmosis
Herniated Disk
Plantaris Tendon Rupture
Plantaris Tendon Injury
Thigh Injury
Calf Injury
Pubic Bone Inflammation
Foot Injury
Periosteum Problems
Tooth Problems
Capsular Injury
Synovial Bursa Inflammation
Synovial Bursa Injury
Pelvice Injury
Otitis of the Middle Ear

New Club Options

  • Number of club members (different to fans, they generate direct income)
  • TV money in Spain selectable per club
  • Stadium capacity separated in seats, standings and VIP seats
  • 7 levels for the club facilities per club
  • 10 levels for the Youth Centre and the Youth Boarding School
  • Town size and landscape selectable for the club facilities
  • Club strategy for club facilities extensions selectable per club
  • Real sponsor contracts can be edited, including amount and duration, also options to add specific long-term sponsors like VW and Bayer
  • New generic badges, now 2,632 variations instead of 1,416. Every single one is available in four sizes and with four additional colour schemes.
  • New generic shirts (64 instead of 42, also to present the original shirts better as icons on the line-up screens)

Database Problem Tool / Error Spotting

  • Improved search for duplicate players, also players with little differences are spotted, pseudonyms are also compared with real names
  • Vastly extended database problem tool with the option to work in parallel, the new tests include:

    • Option to spot skills over 80 and 20% over the total player level
    • Skill levels on average at least 6 points away from the total level
    • Player level<70 and tactical education 7
    • Player level<60 and tactical education 6
    • Player history completely empty
    • Starting date of “loaned to” or “will move to” is in the past
    • End date of “loaned to” or “will move to” is in the past
    • End date of a loan is the same as the end date of the contract
    • Club loans the player both in and out
    • Player is loaned out but in the history there is no such flag
    • The loaning out club is not the last one in the history without “loaned out” flag
  • List of free agents now works like a normal player list
  • Original managers, referees and staff in several countries added


Last year’s Premium Features are now in the game for free:

  • Action items are now available for manager points
  • Avatar editor (skin colour, hair style, eyes, mouth, glasses etc.)
  • Option to host your own fantasy league
  • Extended player search
  • Various new Stats screens
  • Transfers
  • Team levels
  • Players with the best ratings
  • Most expensive squads
  • Foreign players
  • Injuries
  • Player fairness
  • Salaries/Market values
  • Stadium capacities

Facts and Figures

  • 16,210 player pictures

  • 889 XXL player pictures

  • about 300 manager and staff pictures

  • 233 stadium pictures

  • 597 city pictures

  • 91 pictures and maps for training camps

  • 37,985 real players

  • 4,722 clubs

  • 66 playable countries

  • 183 playable leagues

  • 31 fully licensed leagues

  • 84 leagues with real players

  • 43 skill attributes per player (range 0-99)

  • 17 position levels

  • 11 special skills for the Online Mode

  • 153 different attributes per player (all available in the editor)

  • 108 different attributes per club (all available in the editor)

  • 1,400,263,200 different options for generic player faces

  • 30 original 3D stadiums

  • 100 loading screens

  • 82 desktop objects

  • 337 individual club tickets

  • 143 special backgrounds (themes) for competitions and leagues

This probably was the longest news article we ever published :-)
We hope you now have an even more complete picture of FIFA MANAGER 12. However, if you should have any unanswered questions, you might find an answer in our official forum.

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