Update 2 and more

Dec 09 2010

News on update 2, first info on the focus of FIFA MANAGER 12 and further intersting topics.

Hi together,

First of all, we would like to thank you very much for all the feedback you provided in our forum, via mail or on our facebook page. We are eager to find out your opinion about the new questions and suggestions this Blog introduces and other features and plans that will be presented in our forum. The topic of these new areas will mainly be the finance areas of the game and the club facilities. Especially this part of the game will be an important topic for FIFA MANAGER 12, which is, to be honest, long overdue.

What we can tell you right now is that the focus for FIFA MANAGER 12 will be exclusively on the Offline Part of the game. This doesn’t mean that the next FIFA MANAGEFR won’t have an online mode, it means that the vast majority of manpower will be working on the traditional Offline Mode of FIFA MANAGER. After two years of work on the “online” game of FIFA MANAGER a huge leap forward in the Offline Mode will be the result this year – comparable to the progress between FIFA MANAGER 07 to FIFA MANAGER 08.

Like you know, a couple of additional Premium Services are available for FIFA MANAGER 11, Live Season being the most successful till now. For 4,99€ you can use this Service for a whole year – and it becomes more and more interesting as the international league season progress. Thus we decided, for Update 2, to include a further country to the Live Season package – the Netherlands. This new country will of course be available to all who have purchased the Service and for all future customers as well.

We also have new information on Update 2. Here is a brief summary:

Bug fixing and improvements

Altogether, almost 300 improvements are part of Update 2, ranging from the finance area to the 3D mode. We re-implemented the auto-update feature; the league prediction table can now be sorted by team strength and not by random; “The Big Spenders” also contains transfers from clubs that are not being simulated; the option to lend players if you are playing with a smaller club was improved; the text-mode problem with the manager being banned was fixed; in 3D mode the AI now reacts better to tactical changes of the opponent; the effect of freshness are now clearly visible in 3D mode; Live Season was optimized; problems during the stadium extension were solved; players won’t end their careers too early and if their contract are still running; The league composition and structure in the Netherlands was adapted and so on. A special focus was set on the enhancement of the transfer market. We also made changes in the Online Mode, especially in the “trophies” section.

Player pictures

Overall, 2,095 new player pictures will be added as a part of Update 2. Focal points thereby are Italy, Greece and Turkey, in addition missing pictures for Germany and France were included as well.

Database update

The Database has been extensively updated and is included (as of 11/29/2010).

The extent of the update is now set and the version is in the final test. As soon as it is approved, Update 2 will go live – we will let you know immediately.




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