The transfer market II

Oct 07 2012

Bruno gives you more details about the changes we have implemented with the new transfer market.

Hello everyone,

After providing you with an insight into the working sequences of all aspects of the transfer market in my last blog I would now like to present the changes that we have made for FIFA MANAGER 13. I would like to begin with the transfer logic of AI, following this I will present the new transfer market features.

One area of criticism was the excessive ages of the CI teams after about five game years. We have addressed this problem this year and made the following changes:

- In the case of transfers CI now takes account of the probable development of the players in the coming season. If you are for instance searching for a central defender with a level of 75 or more, that can also now be a young player with a level 72 who will probably develop to level 75 whereas an old player of level 77 will possibly no longer be signed.

- Older players now develop less well and end their careers earlier.

- CI now rotates the team much more in less important matches as a result of which young talents put in more appearances.

- The switching logic between the 1st team and the reserve was completely revised. Players who currently don‘t have a chance of playing for the 1st team are switched to the reserves to gain match practice. The more marked the fit for one position and the smaller the 1st team squad is, the more likely it is that players will be moved into the 1st team. You should play with reserve leagues, at least in the major countries, to guarantee the best possible development of the CI teams.

- Young players who are in their last year as youth players will now be given contracts much more frequently. In this way the CI team will no longer lose any young talents. If a youth players would already previously have been a regular player in the reserves or even the first team he will now even make the step up much earlier.

- The CI only loans out your players to clubs where they will also feature in games.

An additional issue was to make the CI aware of economic management. Cheaper players are now preferred to a far greater extent for players of similar quality. This means that there is fierce competition for players on a free transfer, players who are to be released by their club or players from the lower leagues. For you as players this means that you can influence the amount of the transfer fee demanded, the chance of selling to a much greater extent than has been possible up to now. Money also plays a part in terms of the amount of the transfer fee offered. Clubs with a high transfer budget offer higher sums and thus have better chances of signing players.

Two additional improvements concern the editor. On the one hand two games can be laid down for each team, which form the basis for the formation and the transfer plans. This ensures that CI can pursue a long-term strategy and does not have to permanently change its system. On the other hand transfer windows can now be entered in the editor. An example of this is Neymar, who was linked with a move to Barcelona and Real. The editor setting has the effect that this transfer becomes much more probable in the game but will not definitely occur. If the player moves to another club in the meantime or if he stays with his old club through several transfer periods then the rumour will end. At the moment 17 rumours are preset in the entire database.

We have invested a lot of time in the evaluation of the clubs by the players. Each player evaluates on the basis of up to 70 criteria whether a transfer to another club is worth considering for him. There are plus or minus points of differing levels for each criterion. If a positive value emerges at the end the player will agree to a transfer, if the value is slightly negative he can be convinced by a higher salary otherwise he rejects the offer. Important criteria are for instance prestige, team strength, competition for the position, role in the team, salary, club loyalty or whether it concerns a rival. Less important, but sometimes the factors that tip the balance, are for example the media pressure, the distance away of the new club (removal), the mood in the team, the language or the age of the team. The majority of criteria are calculated for both clubs in this process and compared. A player who is mainly watching from the bench of a large club can now also be signed by a smaller club if he would assume a very different role at the club there. In the case of loans the importance of the criteria is distributed rather differently so that the player's role in the team and the competition for the position are the main decisive factors.

The feature is rounded off by the fact that clubs of one league no longer use the same salary multiplier. Richer clubs pay more than poorer clubs which means they have better opportunities of signing players. Wolfsburg or Bayern for instance pay the same player a much higher salary than Freiburg or Fürth. This salary multiplier is dynamic and is adapted to the financial states of the clubs. The new dynamic league development feature also ensures that the leagues further develop among themselves.

But that's enough about background calculations and now we move on to the obvious new features. To begin with we would like to mention the two winners of the YOUR FEATURE promotion:

1. Buy back option
You can create a loophole for a repurchase for players you have sold by agreeing upon a buy-back option for a fixed amount. You will receive a lower transfer fee as a result but if the player develops well at his new club you can buy him back for a fee previously agreed upon. When you purchase players you can keep the transfer fee low by granting CI a buy-back option. But beware: as a result of the fact that CI now acts economically it will notice if the player is worth more than the buyback option figure and will possibly make the purchase. Buyback options that really exist can be set with the value and validity in the editor. In the player information field you can view the buyback options in the contract tab and search in the player search field for players for which you have a buyback option.

2. Direct loaning back
It is now possible to buy players and directly loan them on to their previous club. In this way you secure the transfer rights early, but do not transplant the player from his familiar surroundings, and you provide him with time to further develop. In addition you can slightly push down the transfer fee in this way.

To finish off I would like to draw your attention to the squad planner. With this planning tool you can put together your desired team for the next season like on a drawing board. In this process your youth, reserve and loan players are also available to the same degree as certain new signings, players who are out of the field of vision or players from the scout list. I think a lot of FIFA MANAGER players previously did this with pen and paper. But then you did not have the option of having all the changes immediately evaluated. The squad planner can do this. The size of the team, the team level, average player level, average talent, average age, average experience, value of the squad and the average value of individual abilities that can be freely selected will be determined and compared with the current levels.

I hope you enjoyed this read and can’t wait to play the new FIFA MANAGER 13.

Best regards


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