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Jul 26 2012

This week’s blog comes directly from our graphics department! During this time of the year, not unlike other departments, we are busy as bees working on FIFA MANAGER 13. Today it is my pleasure to give you an overview about the most important changes from a graphical point of view in the upcoming FIFA MANAGE 13.


This year marks the beginning of the long awaited change from the current so called standard-resolution 1024*720 to the new 1280*1024 resolution. But what does that mean for you guys?

All the screens we design are built to contain all crucial information in the center of the screen. Everything that leaves this area is categorized as additional content and was simply not visible in the standard resolution and could only be seen if you scrolled to the respective sides of the screen. This meant that the actual working space was limited to exactly 1024*720 pixels. So even If you had chosen a higher resolution, the main things happened in this relatively small area of the screen.

This year, our software engineer Michael Rasche made it possible to depict even smaller resolutions by down-scaling the standard-resolution. So if you choose the 1024*768 resolution, we take the 1280*1024 resolution and shrink it so it fits the smaller resolution. Of course, the aspect ratio remains the same and we also change the font-size and do not simply scale it as well. This method enables us to provide a crystal clear font in all resolutions.

In short: We are still capable of depicting all current resolutions, but players with the more and more popular larger resolutions and screens can enjoy a working area of 1280*1024 pixels.

We mainly used the new space to improve the readability and the comfort of the screens in FIFA MANAGER 13. The font size was increased by one point and the standard chart gained two pixels in line height. In addition, the control elements like buttons, dropdown-menus and the like were slightly expanded and can now be hit more easily with the cursor.

The remaining space is used for more content. In most cases this means that charts received some extra lines or columns with more data to give you an even better insight. On other screens, we could also use the new space to achieve a higher comfort, like the return of the bench on the line-up screen.

The new screen-resolution in action. All charts and screens now have more info on them and provide more data, stats and insights.
The new screen resultion
But even with the new standard resolution you can still choose to play with lower resolutions.
The new screen resultion

The new look

We have only changed little on the overall layout of the game to make it easy for you to jump into the new season in FIFA MANAGER 13 right away; the classical desk remains the center of your daily business. But as you might have already noticed in prior games, all EA SPORTS football games have a unique look made of consisting graphical elements. Last year, these were the so called cross stripes that were used throughout the game in several variations and colors. This year, the exploding football and the hexagon-form which is clearly linked to the football is used for the football games. 

New Drag and Drop Quick Access Menu Bar

You might have already noticed a new menu bar on the new screenshots (FIFA MANAGER 13 screenshots). This menu bar serves as an alternative navigation. You can configure the bar either directly via drag and drop or on an individual screen. It also features indicators signaling you which of your favorite areas you have visited and which areas still require your action. 

Status Quo

The most important works on the new screens have been completed. Besides fine-tuning and bug-fixing, our priority is to include more of these great graphics you all appreciate so much. Implementing new team crests, cups, player pictures and shirts require is only one aspect. Several hundred ticket graphics, loading screens and competition backgrounds are designed and need to be integrated in the game. We are also in negotiations with some well-known partners from the media-landscape which will make the game even more realistic.

Feedback appreciated

The work on FIFA MANAGER 13 is of course far advanced, but we still have the chance to tune and tweak here or there. That is why I want to recommend our feedback-thread in our forum to you. There you can write down your suggestions and ideas. How do you like our current graphical layout? Are all features easy to reach? Is there a special area in the game we should lay or focus on? We will look at all your feedback and are very thankful for every idea from you!


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