News on Update 2

Nov 15 2010

Update 1 is available for download, we have first information on the contents of update 2

Hello dear community,

The highly awaited update 1 for FIFA MANAGER 11 is out now and can be downloaded in our download section and the work on update 2 is already in full progression. Update 2 will bring further improvements. You will find a thread concerning update 1 in the forum (Update 1 thread).
I would like to report the current progress on update 2 and the changes we have implemented so far.

Changes for update 2

3D mode:
-    AI tactics overworked several times, valid for general as well individual assignments
-    Running routes are now also used by AI players and teams
-    Players are oriented more towards the goal
-    Free kick logic was overhauled
-    A player’s freshness will have a more obvious effect on his acceleration and his overall speed, for example after longer runs players will tire and must pause for a little while (have to stop, putting their hands on their legs)
-    Defenders work more against the ball and they receive fairer grades
-    AI marking against the user controlled player was loosened

Text Mode:
-    Unjustified bans for the user are not happening any more
-    Possibility of goals after corners was decreased
-    Further improvements are planned

Transfer Market:
-    Top players without contracts won’t appear in bulks any more. The clubs will be interested in binding their stars to their own club, top players are now more inclined to prolong their contracts
-    Loaning of players directly after the buy are now better to realize
-    Corrected transfer fees and values for young and talented players

-    After the improvements in update 1 we are working on further tweaks, especially for the second season an onwards

Various small improvements:
-    More than 2,000 new player pictures focusing on Italy, Greece and Turkey but also 120 new pictures for Germany and round about 500 for the rest of the world
-    Additional shirts for lower German leagues (in the planning, not 100% clear yet)
-    Many screens were optimized, e.g. time bar in instant calculation mode
-     Implementation of players without contracts via the “Free Agents” list in the editor
-    New database bearing in mind your feedback

As you can see all goes ahead quickly. We are still very keen to receive further feedback from you so we can further improve FIFA MANAGER. Use our forum or contact me directly either via PM (Oliver_BF) or via email (


Kind Regards

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