New levels system in FIFA MANAGER 13 part 2

Oct 14 2012

In the second part of Adrian's blog, you get to know more about the transition and improvements of the transfer market in FIFA MANAGER 13

Hello everyone,

This blog is about the conversion to the new levels system.

Preparations which also paid off for FM12
When the decision was made in favour of a new levels system at the end of 2011 and we had completed the design, the proclaimed goal was to already integrate some changes for the new levels system within the last database update for FM12. Our programmers already built a first version of the FM13 editor which contained the new levels system. At the same time it was able to load the old database and produce a file that compared the FM12 and FM13 database.
It was of course exciting for us at the database team to see how many of the almost 40,000 players would change at all. The results of this (more than 33,000 changes) then did indeed turn out to be very surprising. Thus virtually every player had changed in one of the following areas Level, Position, Player type.

The new editor had assigned the most suitable player type to all players. It was theoretically possible in FM 12 that a player who has been assigned the attributes of speed 85 and acceleration 85 and who is a “Target man” but is much better suited in terms of his abilities as a striker who "Goes long”. There are two solutions here. Either the abilities for the player have not been edited or the player type is not correct.
Before issuing the last database update for FM12 we inspected all the player type changes of players who have a level of at least 60 or talent of ≥ 6 stars. For the majority of players individual skills were simply too marked and did not match reality, for some players the player type was simply incorrect.

At we have almost certainly reproduced the comparative lists of the FM 12 and FM13 data more than a hundred types and repeatedly search through for remaining problems. We ultimately had to arrive at the conclusion that there were no (minor) computing errors in the formulas during the conversion.

Old players with skill levels that are too high
Old players in particular suddenly become much better in the new level system. In the last two years the overall level was most probably downgraded via the positional strength and the abilities were left unchanged. For the last update we have taken another look at virtually all the old players and degraded them for some decisive which deteriorate as players get older such as acceleration and speed.

Defenders who are too fast
As a result of this we have generally degraded the speed ratings for the majority of defenders. Strikers are generally quicker than defenders which you will now clearly be able to notice.

Ratings of “Specialists“ markedly improved
A main focus in the new levels system was upon the option of producing specialists in their positions. A former international (WC) is for instance well known for his tremendous speed and his acceleration but his other abilities can be confidently rated as average.
All his abilities would have to be of a similar level to be able to play him with a reasonable overall level in FM 12.
However, following the conversion to the FM13 database his overall level shot up from 63 to 72. He achieved a much higher level than in FM12 simply by virtue of his huge values for now much more important attributes for the player type “goes long” of speed and acceleration. Now we have been able to update his other abilities to bring his rating down close to his initial rating of 63.

Daniel van Buyten was an additional player who profited following the conversion to the FM13 database. He has superb values in the areas of tackling, heading, strength and man marking. He thus markedly profits from the new player type “Solid as a rock” and was able to increase his rating from 76 to 81. He too we have gradually lowered the other abilities which were too high in our eyes and are now no longer so important for him.


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