Info on update 3

Feb 25 2011

A changelist for the upcoming update 3 and a new option for Live Season.

Hi All,

This is a list of all changes for Update 3.

  • Bugfix: Crash after European Cup matches removed
  • Bugfix: Live Season: All the winter transfers in England and Spain are not nominated and don't have the permission to play league matches
  • Bugfix: Live Season: Club does not have gate receipts for the simulated matches but has to pay the stadium infrastructure
  • Bugfix: Text Mode: Occasionally the Manager Shouts and Tactics buttons are disabled for the whole match
  • Bugfix: Create a Club - End of Season: User is dismissed and the CaC team disappears to a lower division if the relegation matches in the German 3rd division are not played
  • Bugfix: Problems with promotion/relegation matches in Germany
  • Bugfix: Host European Championship 2012
  • Bugfix: News Centre: Morale displayed in report mail about possible transfer conditions.
  • Bugfix: Game crashes on the “Big Spenders” screen
  • Optimization: Smaller changes for controlling the ball in Action Mode
  • full database update with more than 1,000 transfers and several hundreds new players
  • Bugs: Various text issues and graphical bugs fixed, various tooltips added
  • Update of the player pictures in the lower English leagues
  • 381 additional player pictures
  • 150 additional XXL player picture

As of now, you can also play the Premium Service Live Season with your own database. To guarantee absolute compatibility you could only use the official EA database – this is what we still recommend.

However, if you want to use your own database you have to add the following line to the user.ini (…\My Documents\FIFA MANAGER 11\Config\user.ini):


The use is at your own risk, we cannot offer support if you encounter any problems, crashes or faulty data caused by this change. To avoid possible problems, you should not change player names, delete players or change players’ birthdays. Further risks are changes in schedules, dates and scripts. You should use the database as released in update 3.

Unfortunately, the release of update 3 must be postponed a little bit. The main cause is the first bug in the list which was really persistent. All of you who have not heard of the hint and encounters frequent crashes shortly before cup matches, here is the solution: The problem is caused by the saved view setting in the right area of the text mode. If the tab “table” is selected the problem will occur – if you choose a different tab everything will work just fine.

The extend of testing will be reduced compared to our first testing phase. We will keep you in the loop right here. A prerelease oft the database as a standalone update would not speed things up since the testing procedures have to be performed for the database as well.



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