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Sep 02 2012

In his latest blog, game designer Gerald talks about the current status of FIFA MANAGER 13.

Hi guys,

today I’ll bring you up to speed with the current stage of development of FIFA MANAGER 13.

31st of July was our day – alpha deadline! Until this day, all new features had to be complete and in the game. This worked quite fine, now the team works without pause on eradicating the remaining issues or problems.

For the last two years we have been following the wishes of our community and didn’t include many new features in our updates for FIFA MANAGER. We focused on bug-fixing which lead to a historically low number of issues. This will help us to perform many longtime-test and search for bugs or complications that won’t show up but after a couple of years, for example in player development. Right now, it is especially the formations with one striker we have been working on – in comparison, they will perform better and the CFs won’t score that many goals.

Typical areas of interest for our design-team are the localization (e.g. answering questions from the translation-department) and the manual. We are also working on the in-game help system. Besides those areas, age ratings for the various countries are on our list. We have to consider many factors such as ad banners (alcohol, tobacco, gambling), language (swear words) as well as animations (fouls!). Even the private life with marriage, same-sex partnerships and divorce play a role.

The database team has received a first version of the files from our database researches two weeks ago. These have been integrated into the game. FIFA MANAGER 13 can now be played and tested with the latest database and all the new transfers.

Last but not least, the previous weeks were also the Gamescom weeks. We created a special version for the fair which had to meet special conditions concerning age ratings. We also organized a live-chat and we met many fansite representatives and we talked to many Gamescom visitors and fans. We also collected feedback from the fair, as a result, the screen for the training camp setup has been optimized after Gamescom feedback.



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