For all stats (where applicable) the following options are supported:

  • selection of the country (simulated countries selected at game start)
  • selection of the competition (simulated divisions of the selected countries at game start, e.g. FA Premier League)

Section Tables

  • League Tables divisible into:
    • Home Matches
    • Away Matches
    • From- / To Matchday
    • V From- / To Match Minute
  • League / All-time Tables
  • League Results
    • match reports of all played matches so far are available by clicking the Match Report button
  • Last Week´s Results
  • Match Events
  • Tables Previous Seasons
  • League Position Graph
    • classification of all teams of the selected countries possible
    • graphical presentation of the clubs positions over the previous 20 years
  • Championships
  • Cup Tables
  • Cup Results
  • Cup Fixtures and Results
    • all played and forthcoming Cup Rounds of the selected country
    • display of all international Cup Rounds (e.g. EC/WC)
  • League Map
    • graphical, geographical presentation of all clubs of the selected league
    • demographical information about the selected country
  • Most Successful Teams
  • European Club Rankings
  • Five Year Assessment
  • Season Stats

Section Team

  • Team Ratings
  • Terms of Contract
  • Former Players
    • selection of a team in the selected country possible
  • Players In / Out
  • Players Missing
  • Goal Types
  • Time Between Goals Scored
  • Time Between Goals Conceded
  • Overview Team Tactics

Section Player

  • Scorers
  • All-time Scorers
  • All-time Scorers / Assists
  • Scorers by Competition
  • Top Scorers
  • Best Rated Players
    • classification into two tables a) outfielders, b) goalkeepers
  • Injuries
  • Suspensions
  • Transfers
  • Most Expensive Players
  • Salaries / Market Values
  • Most Loyal Players
  • Foreign Players
  • Discipline
  • End of Career
  • Super Subs
  • Players´ Titles
  • Best Players

Section Club

  • Friendlies
  • Youth Teams
  • Youth Camps
  • Staff
  • Stadiums
  • Attendance

Section National Team

  • National Team
  • U21- National Team
  • U19- National Team
  • U17- National Team
  • U15- National Team
  • Best Players EC/WC

Section Manager

  • Best Managers
  • Manager with Longest Stay
  • Manager Comparison
    • Comparison of up to four managers simultaneously

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