New Level system for EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 11

For several years we had the problem that we could not fully take advantage of the available 0-99 level system in FIFA MANAGER. If we wanted a world class players like e.g. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to reach a level beyond 90, almost all attributes had to be significantly increased, since the improvement of only some attributes wouldn’t have been enough to reach the desired level.

However, even the best world class players have weaknesses. Messi, for example has rather moderate header skills (not excluding important goals), mainly due to his size (he is only 5 foot 7). Since we wanted to make full use of the level system and further improve the gameplay in FIFA MANAGER 11 we decided to edit the existing level system. In the past, only the sum of all single abilities decided over the level of a player. From now on, three decisive factors come into play:

  • Position level
  • Ability Level
  • Experience
Rating Messi

These three elements are used to form the new overall level, which is still depicted on the 0-99 scale. Each player receives a basic rating for every position. We worked out a complex matrix that connects all positions. From now on a central defender e.g. will receive 85% of his strength when he plays as DM. The ratio between position level and ability level is 3 to 1. This means that the position level counts 70% of the overall level, the ability level counts 30%. After this first number is calculated the experience bonus or handicap will be added or subtracted.

After going through many screenshots of your squads over the last couple of years, it was obvious that most managers mainly focused on young players, a tactic that would hardly work in reality. It is hard to imagine a team of under 20 year olds that can be successful for a whole season. This is why we decided that a player’s experience, like in reality, has a direct influence on his player level The present level for national and international experience form one new overall experience level from now on. This value consist of 7 levels with 3 sublevels each.

These are the levels:

Name Bonus/Penalty
Inexperienced (Early/Middle/Late) -4
Some experiences (Early/Middle/Late) -2
Established (Early/Middle/Late) -1
Reliable (Early/Middle/Late) 0
Experienced (Early/Middle/Late) +1
Very experienced (Early/Middle/Late) +2
Veteran (Early/Middle/Late) +3

With this new system, the player can decide whether he specializes on older, more experienced players or whether he focuses on the youth, facing possible short-term failure. The subdivision of the single levels enables us to depict the experience rate of single players in a more precise way.

An example:

Experience Piqué

Let us take the defender duo Gerard Piqué and Gabriel Milito.
Milito has played 123 games in the first Argentine league, and has been playing in the Primera Division since 2003. Altogether he appeared in more than 260 games and also played in 32 internationals for Argentina. He is now 29 years old. In the new system Milito is rated as experienced (late), receives +1 to his level.

Gerard Piqué is 23 years old, started his career in 2003 in Spain (Barcelona B), went to Man Utd. for four years only playing 12 games, but returned to Saragossa in 2006 where he played 22 games. Since 2008 he is back at Barcelona and had more than 31 appearances. He also played more than 13 Spanish caps. He is in the category established (late) which results in a -1 penalty. If you play FIFA MANAGER 11 regularly, Piqué will gain more experience and will rise to higher levels quickly, especially since he is playing national matches, cup matches, international fixtures etc.

Skills Lloris

This new experience system offers many new options for the players and severely increases the level of realism in FIFA MANAGER 11.

Another change affects the preferred foot setting in FIFA MANAGER 11.

We still have five levels for each foot, but they will no longer directly influence the overall level of a player. This change is a tribute to the development in modern football. We can observe that players play on the “wrong” side with the “wrong” foot. Nowadays, we can see that not only Philipp Lahm or Arjen Robben can play both sides of the pitch, it has become common praxis in many clubs now.

If a player has level 5 with his right foot and level 2 with his left foot, he will receive a penalty of 15% once he switches to positions on the left side of the pitch. The preferred foot still has a strong effect on the player creation or on the conversion from the FIFA MANAGER 10 database to the FIFA MANAGER 11 database (the old database is compatible with the new database, it will be converted to the new format at the first startup).

Furthermore, we also adjusted the weighting of the single abilities. Defenders with a high finishing ability or goalkeepers with a good passing ability will now have a higher overall level.

The level system is now used to its full capacity, the accumulation of players in the 70-80 level range decreases and the spectrum has been expanded which leads to even more realistic results.

As a special tidbit for you to accommodate to the new system, here are the top players from Europe’s most important leagues:

(effective 02/06/2010)
(effective 02/06/2010)
(effective 02/06/2010)
(effective 02/06/2010)

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