New editor features in MANAGER 11

New Appearance options in FIFA MANAGER 11

The appearance options in the last years have not been dramatically changed, but this year we implemented many new features to individualize players.

New dialogue for player appearance in FIFA MANAGER 11

From FIFA MANAGER 11 onwards, the user has nine preferences to customize player appearances.

  • Face
  • Skin Colour
  • Variation (skin condition)
  • Eye Colour
  • Hair Colour
  • Hair Style
  • Sideburns
  • Beard
  • Beard Colour

You no longer have to choose from predefined pictures, e.g. African17 or Caucasian13, you now can individually assemble every player face. FIFA MANAGER 11 also contains all facial attributes from FIFA 10, leading to a much higher number of possible variations. The following list shows the a compariosn between FIFA MANAGER 10 and its successor.

Faces 90 135
Skin Colour / 7
Variation / 3
Eye Colour / 7
Hair Colour 5 8
Hair Style 39 98
Sideburns / 2
Beard 6 9
Beard Colour / 5
Player List - Fernando

As you can easily see, considerably more variations and choices are now possible compared to FIFA MANAGER 10. We also improved the visual layout by significantly enlarging the 3D Face area, all changes can now be seen more clearly.

A further innovation can be found on the XXL-Image tab. The standard player picture is now included on this tab as well. This might come in handy for creators of XXL-images, since you can now directly compare the two images.


We also wanted to simplify the editing of the various attributes. If you want to select a haircut, the editor now has a new separate screen that can be opened (of course you can still click through the single hairstyles as before). On this preview screen you can see all haircuts and easily select the best match for your game face. The player picture (if available) will be displayed at the right part of that window, making it easier to compare the hairstyle you chose with the actual one of the player.


Many filter options at the top let you decide whether all hairstyles or only long hair, short hair or another category is shown. These are the Filters in the category hairstyle:

  • Short hair
  • Medium hair
  • Long hair
  • Special hair

Appearance of generated players:


The allocation of player attributes for generic and youth players has been completely revised as well. Up to now it could happen that a dark-skinned player was generated with long, straight, blond hair. This was not very realistic and decreased the fun of playing, but it is a thing of the past now.

We studied the characteristic physiognomies of the world population and analyzed statistics in order to reallocate the attributes in our editor. We are now capable to define face types and assign them to the specific countries with the help of a realistic allocation formula.

Altogether, there are eleven different types:

  • African 1
  • African 2
  • Arabic 1
  • Arabic 2
  • Asian
  • Indian
  • Latino
  • Eastern Europe Dark
  • Eastern Europe Light
  • Western Europe Dark
  • Western Europe Light

Each type has a predefined pool of attributes the computer can use to generate new players. Each of the eleven presets has a default assortment of the attributes Face, Skin Colour, Variation, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Hair Style, Sideburns, Beard and Beard Colour. The probability of those attributes is also set up. Short hairstyles that are in fashion at the moment are more common than long hair styles or ponytails; the probability of no hair or short hair for dark-skinned players is much higher than e.g. a Rasta hair style.

Players will less likely have a beard. (The type Western Europe Light is beardless with an 80.8% probability, followed by 4.6% for a 3 o’clock shadow). To give an example, the face Western Europe Light is composed of skin colour 1 and 2, all blond hair colours, 43 faces and 70 hair styles. This face type would be typical for Sweden, where it will appear with a chance of 60.6%, followed by Western Europe Dark (31.8%) and Eastern Europe Dark and Eastern Europe Light (both 3.8%).

This might all sound a little much and extreme, but the difference towards more realism can be seen quite obvious in the game.

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