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FIFA MANAGER 09 - Update

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Advice: It is possible to continue save-games with the Update, to get all improved features, you have to start a new game.

Live Ticker:

- "big" Live Ticker, more space for text in the high screen resolution
- match reports for the Live Ticker => after the match, in the stats section, in the line-up section, for the Reserves and for the Youth Teams
- sound for the Live Ticker, including goal and stadium entry anthems
- player positions are displayed optionally behind the player names
- new text elements in Live Ticker
- better “live” elements in Live Ticker (faster)
- “Text before Video” option in Live Ticker
- new videos in Live Ticker (e.g. for own goals)
- additional text conditions in Live Ticker (more variation)
- Live Ticker: Slightly less goals, less injuries
- Live Ticker: Reduced number of goals after corners and free kicks
- Live Ticker: Improved goalkeeper ratings

3D – Match:

- 3D match will make a another big step forward
- “Cancel Highlights” problem fixed (no recalculation of the match)
- customized shirts are now also displayed in the 3D match
- crowd is now also displayed in stadium areas with no seats
- smaller art bugs fixed in the stadium editor (e.g. transparency problems with fences)
- different referees in the 3D match
- infrequent crash after red cards in the 3D match fixed

Create a Club:

- new badge elements for CaC
- more varied badges for the computer clubs in CaC mode
- Reserves promotion bug in CaC fixed


- full database update included (11th November 08)
- Staff problem fixed in the editor
- Fixed transfer fees at the start of the game are only taken from the editor
- more than 600 new player pictures added for various countries (Italy, Spain, England, Scotland etc.)

Other features:

- Improved line-up screen: more players, talent stars are displayed, and coloured team units
- there is a new national manager mode without sacking
- you can immediately own a club right from the start of the game
- video text speed is saved for the next match
- “Numbers” feature on the weekly progress screen extended
- improved manager points calculation, e.g. more points for successful cup matches
- taxes, they make the game financially more difficult, Merchandise improved
- improved Ups & Downs
- loss of morale for players after a losing streak implemented

Fixed Bugs:

- cancelling the match just recalculates the remaining minutes of the match
- several rare crashes (e.g. scouting, personal life) removed
- several other bugs are also fixed


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